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Our orchard produces 26 various apples. We start picking in early July and will finish picking the first week of November. In 2008 we added some new trees for our orchard. These trees are on B9 and M9 dwarfing root stock. Click on "OurApples" for the list of new trees. This was the 10th year that we used the reduced spray program with pheromones for codling moth.

From previous years we determined that the spray for the first flight of the codling moth to be around May 15th, the results was very good, we had limited codling moth damage to the apples that we picked. Click here for details.

In 2002 we had damage on the Gala apples. We assumed that it may have cause by another material we applied to the trees to reduce the tip growth.

In 2003 because we were froze out at full bloom, we did not apply any insecticide after pedal fall. The few apples that survived the freeze were totally damaged by codling moths. There was many codling moth strikes in each apple. During the investigation of the problem (we thought that pheromones which we applied to all the trees would control the codling moths at all times) we learned that the pheromones can only control a limited moth pressure.

We were told that we need to reduce the first flight Colding moth population to use the pheromone controls for the second and third flights.


Our spray program has resulted in significant benefits to both the apple yield (reduced insect damage) and the appearance of the trees. The problem with bronzing of the leaves has disappeared completely. This conditions is usually caused by spider mites. We have noticed that some varieties have larger apples then normal. It may take several more years to determine the overall benefit of this program.

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