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How we got here. Our History

We lived in Indianapolis while our children attended school and I worked for RCA. Our son had left home to work in the East and when our daughter graduated from Purdue we decided to move to the county. In our search we found a farm with an apple orchard on the property. Where ever we had lived, we always had fruit trees. Since I was planning to do some engineering consulting after I retired, we thought the orchard and consulting was a good mix. We made an offer on the farm but didn't get it. It turned out the location was poor and the trees were over grown. They hadn't been pruned in years.
Meanwhile our realtor found a good location northeast of the city on a well traveled road. We aquired the property in the spring of 1989 and started our apple orchard.
The first year we planted 10 rows of 12 trees each. Each row was a different variety. The following year we planned for 8 rows of 36 trees. However, the nursey backordered 60 trees. So in 1991 we completed that planting. We now had 14 different apples; Lodi, Paulared, Empire, Stayman Winsaps, Red Delicious, Prima, Jonafree, Redfree, Golden Delicous, Mutsu, Royal Gala, Priscillia, Liberty and Williams Pride.
Meanwhile we decided to add 6 more rows of trees and black raspberries. The 14.5 acres of land was divided into; 8 acres field crops, 1 acre black raspberries, garden and equipment barn, 3 acres orchard and 2.5 acres for home, garage and sales barn. We added more Empire, Stayman Winsaps, Mutsu, Royal Gala and the new varities were Melrose, Red Fuji, Red Cort, Idared, Granny Smith and Newtown Pippen. With original trees on the property we had a total of 22 different apples.

In the fall on 1989 we started construction on the sales barn and the concrete floor was poured in the fall on 1990. We had toured a number of orchards, some of which had bakeries. Since my wife was alway interested in baking we decided to add a bakery area to the sales barn. We opened the sales barn with the bakery in the fall of 1991. During the summer of 1992 my wife was asked to bake some apple dumplings. They were a big hit with our customers. We also added christmas gifts to our sales room. The gift items were nice but took a lot of time to manage and when the shops in Pendleton opened our sales dropped off significantly. Our main focus today are on the bakery, apple orchard, field crops and local city farm markets.

In September 1996 the Indianapolis Star ran a feature story on our apple dumplings and that brought out the entire population of Indy, at least it seem so. In 1998 we started our apple dumpling festival on the last saturday of September and it has been growing every year since.

In May 2001 we were contacted by Food Finds, Scripps Production from Los Angeles CA. They were looking for a orchard with a bakery. We provided them with some of our newspaper articles about our apple dumplings and other things we do. On July 9th a TV film crew came to our orchard to film an upcoming TV program for FOOD FINDS which is now scheduled for Jan 3, 2002 @ 9 pm EST, Jan 4, 2002 @ 12 am EST and Jan 28, 2002 @ 1 pm EST on the FOOD NETWORK cable channel. The crew spent the entire day filming the orchard and our new apple dumplings which can be shipped anywhere in the county. The apple dumplings will be unbaked, wrapped to protect them and packaged in a custom container which holds 4 dumplings. We call this process "Ship and Bake". Included in the package are the dry ingredients required to make the sauce, baking pan, sugar-cinnamon topping and instructions(customer supplies the water and margarine or butter).

We are now ready to ship apple dumplings any place in the states based on 2 day delivery.

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