6397 S State Road 13, Pendleton, IN 46064

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About Our Apples


Amount of Apples*******Price********
by the pound $1.50
1/4 peck $4.00
1/2 peck $7.00
1 peck $12.00
1/2 Bushel $18.00
1 Bushel $27.00

Please call for availability.

We started picking our first apple in late June and the last apple is picked in early November.

List of our Apples

Call for apple availability.

VarietyApprox. Ripening DateFlavorTextureUsage
Lodi June 25 Very Tart Soft Sauce
Wms Pride July 25 tart Firm Pies
Zestar Aug 5 Mild Crisp Eating
Red Free Aug 5 Mild Firm Eating
Paulared Aug 5 Mild Firm Sauce
LindaMac Aug 25 Mild Firm Eating
Golden Supreme Sept 1 Sweet Firm Eating
Sir Prize Sept 1 Sweet Firm Eating
Red Cortland Sept 5 Mild Firm Eating, Sauce
Jonathan Sept 10 Tart Firm Eating, Baking
Liberty(Mcintosh) Sept 15 Mild Firm Eating
Snow Sweet Sept 15 Mild Firm Eating
Red Delicious Sept 20 Sweet Mild Eating
Grimes Golden Sept 20 Mild Firm Eating, Pies
golden delicious Sept 20 Sweet Firm All Purpose
Empire Sept 20 Mild Crisp Eating
Mutsu Oct 1 Very Sweet Firm Premium eating
Rising Sun Fuji Oct 1 Sweet Firm Eating
Melrose Oct 5 Mild Firm Eating
Idared Oct 5 Mild Firm Eating
Stayman Winesap Oct 20 Tart Firm Eating
Gold Rush Oct 20 Mild-Tart Firm Eating
Newtown Pippen Oct 20 Tart Firm Eating
Red Fuji Nov 1 Mild Firm Eating
Granny Smith Nov 1 Tart Firm All Purpose

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